Beauty in the Beasts


“If you love animals, you’re going to be crazy for Kristin von Kreisler’s new book, Beauty in the Beasts.”
USA Today

“This is a feel-good overview of animals’ heroic deeds.  Readers of all ages…will eagerly welcome this charming study.”
Publisher’s Weekly

“The stories collected for this book are heartwarming examples of animals caring for one another and for their human companions… This book is for any animal lover.”

“Kristin von Kreisler has penned a book…about the astonishing acts of animals.  Her theory is that animals are sensitive, compassionate beings who choose to do good… If you’re a pet lover yourself, you’re bound to agree.”
Woman’s Day

“It’s been questioned whether animals possess human emotions.  Kristin von Kreisler proves disbelievers wrong in her latest book, Beauty in the Beasts.”
Oakland Tribune

“Kristin von Kreisler asserts…that animals are capable of choice, and that frequently they choose to do good… Combining expert scientific opinion with anecdotal evidence, von Kreisler makes a highly convincing case.”  —Quality Paperback Book Review

“Most of the accounts in Beauty in the Beasts are warmly uplifting.  A few will bring tears to your eyes.”

“The hundreds of animal stories here are incredibly interesting to learn about, and the scientific approaches to animal behavior are food for thought.”
Long Beach Union

“Von Kreisler recounts acts on the part of animals that would be admirable by any standards.  As acts of choice, not chance, they rise to the level of miraculous.”
Paul Irwin, President, Humane Society of the United States

“An outstanding and unforgettable celebration of the friendship of animals.  Beauty in the Beasts touches both logic and emotions with stirring stories and starling studies.”
Marty Becker, DVM, coauthor of Chicken Soup for the Petlover’s Soul

“Finally someone is pointing out what’s so easy to see, but hardly anyone does:  Animals choose to act with incredible honesty, decency, and purpose.  Anyone who loves animals will want to read this wonderful book.”
Philip Gonzalez, author of The Dog Who Rescues Cats

“Von Kreisler has done what so needs to be done for the animals of this world – given them an opportunity to show their dignity, grace, and honor in a too often skeptical world.  In my experience, animals are beings of great mercy, altruism, and generosity.  The stories in Beauty in the Beasts confirm all these qualities and many more.”
Susan Chernak McElroy, author of Animals as Teachers and Healers.