For Bea


“[For Bea] kept me reading late into the night.  Bea is unforgettable.  Her story will touch your heart.”
Mary Tyler Moore

“We all love our pets, but there is always that ‘special one’ from whom we learn so much and whose influence lasts a lifetime.  Bea is such a one.  A lovely story.”
Betty White

“[For Bea] is a journey beautifully captured… a lyrical tale of the sometimes miracle-making bond between human and beast.”
San Francisco Chronicle

“This is the perfect…feel-good read.”
Tribune Media Services

“[von Kreisler] weaves a lovely tale.  As you read the book, you can feel the softness of Bea’s ears, sense what is behind the soulful stare, and ache at her obvious reluctance to trust.”
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“[For Bea is a] colorful, high-energy memoir… If you like happy endings with a poignant magic in the air, von Kreisler delivers.”  —Seattle Times

“This book is a charming, inspirational story.”
Knight Ridder

“I urge you to check out For Bea because it’s more than a story of an animal rescued form a terrible life.  It’s also the story of the gifts that special animals like Bea bring to us, if we’ll just take the time to discover them.”
San Jose Mercury News

“A story such as this one…will be heartwarming to any animal-lover.”
AKC Gazette

“A worthy addition to collections of true dog stories and reminiscences.”
Library Journal

“This moving and extraordinary story needed to be told.  I say ‘Brava!’ for caring individuals like Kristin von Kreisler.”
Rue McClanahan

“The book is beautiful.”
Bea Arthur

“With the keen eye of a journalist and compassionate heart of a dog lover, Kristin von Kreisler paints a portrait of an unassuming but unforgettable little dog.  Beyond Bea’s endearing ways and forgiving spirit, this book explores a larger issue:  mankind’s seemingly infinite capacity to hurt – then heal – the animals with whom it shares the world.”
Paul Irwin, President, Humane Society of the U.S.

“It’s tough to look at a beagle without smiling, even though those soulful eyes often belie strong wills and independent natures.  From the first to the last page of this deeply touching love story, you can’t help thinking, What a lucky dog, what a lucky person.”
Jon Katz, author of A Dog Year

“Compassion and love abound in this short but life-changing book.  Read, weep, and share Bea with everyone you can.”
Marc Bekoff, author of Minding Animals and The Ten Trusts

“A lovely, gentle heart-pleaser of a story.”
Susan Chernak McElroy, author of Animals as Healers and Teachers

“Von Kreisler has captured the rare and wonderful relationship between a dog and a person who have rescued each other, who respect each other, and who grow closer day by day.  Told with wit, compassion, and intellect, the story of Bea is hard to put down.”
Joanna Burger, author of The Parrot Who Owns Me