“A highly readable story of what devotion and love really mean. Once again, von Kreisler, one of the best authors of animal-related fiction and nonfiction out there, brings readers a dog and a book they will cherish.”—Best Friends Magazine

“[Earnest] takes readers to a charming, imaginary Gamble Island… Dog lovers will adore this beleaguered Lab, who only wants to preside over a united household in his favorite ‘library lion’ position.”
Melinda Bargreen, Seattle Times

“Von Kreisler is an incredible storyteller. Earnest has a terrific plot that incorporates the heart and soul of the human-animal bond.”
Ranny Green, American Kennel Club website

“An insightful and uplifting story…a great read for all those who know the power of pets!”
Modern Dog Magazine on Earnest, Connie’s Book Club Pick, Spring 2016

“The best part of von Kreisler’s novel is Earnest. He’s a sweet, lovable canine.”
RT Book Reviews

“[Earnest] is personable but not cutesy…Kristin von Kreisler is careful not to go overboard with her Earnest. He is a charmer.”
The Bookworm, a national column

“Sweet and appealing story of a pet’s effort to bring his pack together again!”—Heroes & Heartbreakers

“Irresistible.”—North Woods River News

“Be prepared to fall in love with Earnest, a yellow Labrador retriever adopted from a shelter who teaches his humans a thing or two about resilience, loyalty, and forgiveness. Von Kreisler goes beyond depicting Earnest as a catalyst and instead deftly portrays him as an actual character with a point of view and feelings. A truly charming story sure to please dog lovers everywhere.”
Amy Hill Hearth, New York Times Bestselling Author of Miss Dreamsville and the Lost Heiress of Collier County and Having Our Say

“If you’ve ever wondered whether animals were smarter than humans, Kristin Von Kreisler’s Earnest is the book for you. This charming tale (pun intended!) leads us through the kind of conflict real families face and shows us, through the wisdom of a dog, what matters most in life.”
Nancy Thayer, New York Times Bestselling Author of The Guest Cottage

“Kristin von Kreisler’s deep understanding of both people and dogs shines through in her compelling new novel, Earnest.  Animal lovers will fall for the yellow lab who saves his favorite humans from heartbreak. I had tears in my eyes less than half an hour into it!  But the good kind of tears!”
Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson, New York Times Bestselling Author of Beasts: What Animals Can Teach Us About the Origins of Good and Evil 

“Earnest lives up to his name. He is a dog who earnestly desires only one thing, to keep his family intact. Kristin von Kreisler deftly spins a tale of human failings and canine devotion that will have the reader reaching for the tissues.”
Susan Wilson, New York Times Bestselling Author of One Good Dog and The Dog Who Saved Me

“Kristin von Kreisler captures the emotional intelligence of Earnest, a dog who provides much needed guidance to a human couple spiraling into catastrophe.”
Jacqueline Sheehan, New York Times Bestselling Author of Picture This and Lost and Found