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The Death of Pets

 Today I could no longer put off changing the “about Kristin” page on this blog.  What I changed — and my heart slides to my feet as I say it — is the paragraph about sharing my life with Phoebe, … Continue reading

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Cat Symphony

Since Father’s Day, it’s no surprise, I’ve been thinking about my father.  He was a symphony conductor and composer; and before he died when I was 23, I enjoyed going to his concerts and waking in the mornings to his … Continue reading

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Animal Friendship

Two weeks ago I went to Austin, Texas, for my high school reunion, and the blessing of friendship has been on my mind.  My new friends often marvel at the number of my old ones, three of whom I’ve known … Continue reading

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Learning from Animals

Last summer I told you about Logan, my German shepherd, who had major surgery for a ruptured tendon in his knee.  For four months my kitchen was his convalescent hospital, and now he has a weekly swim to rebuild muscle … Continue reading

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Avenue of the Giants

In December I had the good fortune to travel along northern California’s Avenue of the Giants, a 31-mile scenic drive that runs through Humboldt Redwoods State Park.  The “giants” in the name refers to the coastal redwoods, Sequoia sempervirens, that towered … Continue reading

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Dormouse Snoring

         Last year I wrote a blog about a victory for dormice in South Wales, where a bridge was built across a bypass so they could travel safely through their habitat.  Yesterday I learned that this threatened … Continue reading

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Flowers Opening

  This morning I came across Kate Knapp’s poem, “Seeing in Three Pieces.”  Her last stanza grabbed me: When a bulb burns out we just change it – it’s not the bulb we love, it’s the light. Knapp is reminding … Continue reading

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A Murmuration of Starlings

 I have two videos I can hardly wait for you to watch.  Wildlife cameraman and travel journalist Dylan Winter made the first one as he was sailing around the U.K. in an 18-foot boat; and the video shows a murmuration … Continue reading

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A Grizzly and a Penguin

Several years ago on an assignment for Reader’s Digest, I followed a grizzly in Montana for a week.  Her name was Lacy, and wildlife biologists were training her to stay away from people, garbage cans, and orchards. If she’d continued … Continue reading

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The Rufus Towhee

Three times this spring I planted my snow-pea patch. Three times! That’s 90 seeds that went into the ground, and I couldn’t understand why not a single one sprouted. Until I looked outside one day and saw a rufus towhee … Continue reading

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