Adopting a Dog

BridgetWhile I have dropped off the earth to write a new novel, a wonderful thing has happened. Bridget, the world’s most beautiful German shepherd, has come to grace my life.

Her former people, who deserve withering disdain, dumped her in the San Bernardino desert.  After who knows how long, someone found her, desperate, starving, flea-bitten, and tick and parasite infested.  She was taken to a shelter, where a vet discovered that she’d recently had puppies.  He decided that in her deplorable condition, she should be put down.  At the very last minute, however, volunteers from the Washington German Shepherd Rescue spirited her to Seattle, thank goodness.  Randy Ehrlich, a sainted German shepherd lover, took her in and brought her back to health.

And then I met her!  Love at first sight!  Everyone who meets her loves her.  My friends invite her to dinner.  My family asks to petsit.  She has fans all over the neighborhood.

Now strong and regal, she is proof that time heals wounds, that courage triumphs over hardship, that beautiful hearts can survive the worst of times.  No one would guess that she weathered harsh, rough months alone, and she seems to hold no grudges about her past.

With devotion, she protects me from FedEx deliverymen.  And despite all she’s been through, she is still trusting.  You can see it when she sleeps on her back with her legs in the air and her vulnerable stomach is exposed.  If you set a slab of wood on her paws, she could be a coffee table.

When I think about the miracle that brought Bridget and me together, I mentally thank all the kind strangers who rescued her and saw her on her journey to a new and better life.  I am grateful to them beyond measure.

So here she is:  Bridget the Brave and Good.

Queen Bridget small







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15 Responses to Adopting a Dog

  1. Mary Garland says:

    She’s beautiful! Welcome home Bridget, welcome home….

  2. Suzanne Kerr says:

    What an interesting face! So very happy she’s now living in your paradise of a yard! Pet heaven couldn’t possibly be any better. Cheers for Bridget, Suzy

  3. Wendy Shelton says:

    She’s lovely Kristen and reminds me of someone else!

    • Kristin von Kreisler says:

      Yes, she is like Nikki (aka Woofer)! I think of that often. I’m so happy to know that you know about her.

  4. Sarah Tapley says:

    What a wonderful story. How lucky for you – and especially for Bridget. Thank you for sharing this…

  5. Don Davis says:

    She looks wonderful and what a gift to you. Am so glad you found another dog to love and to love you. She just looks like she belongs there, in your world. Hope you will visit Austin again soon and we can see you.


    • Kristin von Kreisler says:

      Thank you so much, Don. How wonderful to hear from you and to know you approve of Bridgie! I hope so much to get to Austin soon — have been working endlessly on another novel and couldn’t take time off. Would love to see you and Bunny!

  6. Kristin, I love your story about Bridget. She is the luckiest dog in that she gets to live with and be wonderfully taken care of now. What a blessing for that dog. It makes my heart glad!
    Carole Bradley

    • Kristin von Kreisler says:

      Thank you so much, Carole! Bridget isn’t the only lucky one. I am, too, to have her. Sometimes I can hardly believe that I get to have her here with me. Thank you for your comment.

  7. Just reading this wonderful news–it makes my heart sing! Welcome Bridget, you hit the doggy lottery, and so did Kristin:-)

  8. SHARI RICH says:

    I’m a doggie mommy too .So many two legged mammals abandon their unconditional loving 4 legged mammals near my home in the country it makes me scream why didn’t you at least give them the opportunity at a shelter?? Since 1999 I have adopted several “GOD DOGS” and they repaid me more than a two legged friend…. What a world we live in, I don’t have a lot of money but I have a large fenced yard now filled with loving dogs and I couldn’t be happier. I have tried regular dog food and found that making it myself it’s better for them and cheaper than store bought. Thanks for listening. PS LOVE your books keep writing.

    • Kristin von Kreisler says:

      Shari, my goodness! I just found your message from months ago. I don’t know why I missed it. Thank you so much for writing. I am so happy for you AND for all the dogs you’ve rescued because I know you are doing wonderful good for them. Of course, your God Dogs are repaying you for all your kindness! Take care, and be well. With warm wishes, Kristin

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