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Kristin von Kreisler

Kristin von Kreisler was born on October 4, the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi.  All her life she has loved and rescued animals.  She has written bestselling books about them and has spoken about their welfare on Coast to Coast to 560 U.S. cities and on the Voice of America to 123 million people.

Her most recent novels are Earnest, about a couple in conflict over custody of their beloved Labrador retriever, and An Unexpected Grace, about a woman and a golden retriever helping each other recover from violence and abuse.  A memoir, For Bea, tells the story of Kristin’s beagle, who came from a medical lab and influenced her to become an animal writer.  Her books have been translated into ten languages.

red glory vine in fallBefore writing books, Kristin free-lanced for magazines and newspapers.  To get her stories, she followed a grizzly bear for a week, went hang gliding to see how an eagle felt soaring through the sky, and watched in awe as millions of bats emerged from a cave at dusk like clouds of smoke.  Kristin’s articles have appeared in anthologies and textbooks and in the Washington Post, Christian Science Monitor, Los Angeles Times, Woman’s Day, Family Circle, Ladies’ Home Journal, and Reader’s Digest, where she was a staff writer.  She has taught English at the University of Hawaii and journalism at California State University at San Jose.
lavender w ferryKristin lives on an island in Washington with her husband, John, and their German Shepherd, Bridget. Kristin says she’d rather work in her garden than breathe. Her kale grows to looming giants, and her lavender and catmint are sirens calling bees. From her desk she watches ospreys and seals, and every hour a ferry passes by. She and John have just renovated a historic Victorian farmhouse, where the island’s first postmistress and sheriff once lived with their seven children.

Listen to a podcast of Kristin, talking about her life and work with Anna McClain on Bainbridge Community Broadcasting, March 2014.